Winter Services

Snowy road and tow truck

Chapman Automotive has over 20 years experience of Towing and Plowing, for BOTH customers and businesses.  We have multiple, loyal Businesses around Kalamazoo that we have kept happy for over 18 years!

Chapman Automotive has the experience to Tow or Winch you out this winter!  We have a flat $50 for Hookup if we tow it to Chapman’s for repairs, and we give you the first 3 miles with that.  If we will be towing it anywhere other than Chapman Automotive, it will be a flat $60 for Hookup, and you still receive the first 3 miles with that.  Each additional Mile is $3.00.  The cost of a  Winch starts at $70.  Towing miles are calculated by where you are, to where you are being towed to.

Vehicles MUST be a 2 Wheel Drive (2WD), or must convert into a 2WD, if it is a 4 Wheel Drive (4WD).  We cannot Tow a 4WD vehicle.  We are not a 24 Hour Towing Service, so please make calls anytime between Mon-Fri from 9am to 5:30pm.  HEAVY SNOW DAYS WE ARE AVAILABLE ALL DAYS, ALL TIMES, WITH EXTENDED HOURS.


snow plow

We also Plow residential driveways if they are within Kalamazoo city limits.  Services will be based upon AVAILABILITY for that same day, as we receive many calls.  Minimum charge is $10 for small, straight driveways and go upwards from there based on size and difficulty.  After 6″ of snow, the price doubles, regardless of the original cost of your driveway or lot.

We also Plow for businesses, small and large. This too is based on AVAILABILITY, so please call in advance!


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I have done business with Chapman’s for nearly 5 years. I have always been satisfied with their work and prices. And I’ve had to have some rather expensive repairs done, as I drive an older car. I personally, am grateful to have a mechanic that I found so reputable and I have referred a number of people to them over the years.
Rosie C., via

Winter Services